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Design Challenge

The SourceAmerica Design Challenge is a national engineering competition to design workplace technology for people with disabilities. High school and college students team with an organization that employs people with disabilities or an individual with a disability to invent a process, device, system, or software that creates a more productive work environment. This service learning opportunity develops engineering, communication, writing, math, presentation, and social skills while helping the community and competing for cash prizes.

By participating as a disability organization or as a person with a disability, you receive custom assistive technology that knocks down workplace barriers. By eliminating barriers, participants often see increases in production rates, wages, and job opportunities. Working with a local team shows your commitment to your community and can result in positive media coverage.

The SourceAmerica Design Challenge is like no other competition:

  • The Design Challenge is a unique and inspirational approach to address employment issues faced by people with disabilities.
  • Student teams research, design, and develop technology to assist people with disabilities so they can become more productive in the workplace or assume a new job.
  • The assistive devices or systems can transform the lives of the people using them, as well as the designer.

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